Monday, September 14, 2009

Jace's letter Sept. 14, 2009

September 14, 2009

Hey Everyone!

Hey hey! It's on to my last area; hopefully. I'm now east, just about to the

Puget Sound, in Federal Way in the Jovita Creek Ward. I've never been in an area

where the members are so excited about doing missionary work. It's great to be

put into a Ward that is pumped to do the work. Elder Pratt is my new

companion and he's been out 15 weeks. He's from Texas and is one of ten children

in his family. Well, let me tell you about my jammed packed week!

Tuesday I got moved into the new area and I live with the Long family and

they're pretty cool. Brother Long is a little on the goofy side and is

anti-Obama timed by fifty. He makes these signs that joke on Obama; anyways...

We stopped by the Anderson's place and they fed us some dinner and then we made

some visits to some members. After we had a lesson with the Curtis family and

committed the nonmember wife to read and pray about the Book of Mormon.

Wednesday we found a guy named Greg knocking on doors and we set up a church

tour for Thursday and after we were going to play some ball. We had a lesson

with a family that fell through so we did some knocking and contacting and set

up some lessons for the next day.

Thursday we stopped by a referral from a member for a guy named Bobby, who's

taken the missionary lessons before. He is a seventh-day Adventists and is open

to the Book of Mormon, he just struggles with Adam and Eve and really about God

and who he is. We gave him some talks and we'll follow up this week. We set up a

lesson with Lisa the previous day (she's a parent of a recent convert) and she

wasn't home for the lesson. Our church tour with Greg fell through and we tried

to re-contact him, but he wasn't there. On our way home Elder Pratt got a flat

and we had to take a short journey on foot. A member came out with us in the

evening and we visited Candy. We watched the Restoration DVD and we committed

her to read and pray. We have a lesson with her tonight and hopefully she will

be on-date for the 10th of October. After the lesson we helped a member load up

some chairs for the Ward Potluck the following night.

Friday we walked all day because Elder Pratt didn't want to get the thin

tube tire; he only wanted the thick tube tire, which they didn't have. I don't

know why he didn't just buy a tube in the mean time and20then get another then

he'd have a spare. He's way too young on the mission and way too stubborn to take advice.

It's his loss not mine, well sort of mine

because we wasted a lot of time on foot... We went to the potluck in the evening

and that was great! It was at the Madden's house and they are a super awesome

family. We had to bounce a little early for a lesson with our on-date named

James. He lives in Tacoma but we're teaching him because his girlfriend lives in

our Ward and her missionaries, Bishop and Ward members at his Ward down south

don't ever talk to him or acknowledge him. Such a pain... Oh well it's good that

we can teach him and baptize him. We're all on the same team right? The lesson

went great and then we jetted home.

Saturday we helped Brother Madden load the chairs back up and unload them at

the church. He dropped us off at the Levitt's and we did some service there

pressure washing her driveway and sidewalks. After service we took our break and

then had our coordination meeting with Brother Schille, our Ward Mission Leader.

We talked about the work, helped him kill a wasp nest inside his walls and then

we went out and made some visits and stopped by a part member family. I'm

grateful that we have members that will run around with us. It makes all the

difference in the world.

Sunday we knocked some doors in the morning and found a guy named Julian,

who said he'd come on a church tour Tuesday. We had Stake Conference and it was

a broadcast this time and we were able to hear President Monson speak to us. We

had dinner at the Gessel's house and then we made some visits. We stopped by the

Curtis' and set up a lesson for tomorrow. I got pretty frustrated on the way

home because it got dark and Elder Pratt took us the longest detour home and I

looked at the map and told him that we need to go this way because it'll be

quicker and geez it was like a 45 minute ordeal because at every intersection he

had to stop and think. Oh greenies... They have the great fire in them but they

need to stop and listen to people who've been doing this for a while. It’s been

a good first week and we have another good week planned. We're teaching James

and Candy tonight so we should have a good one.

Thanks for all the love and support everyone! I truly do appreciate it. Have

a great one!


Elder Kasteler

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